Co-curricular Activities

Taekwondo & Karate

Martial arts classes teach children important lessons about self-defense, confidence, respect and discipline Two well-known styles are Karate and Taekwondo. Both can benefit our child physically and mentally. The main difference is Karate focuses on traditional self-defense maneuvers, while Taekwondo often focuses on competition skills.


Dancing classes are conducted to keep the children’s physically fit and healthy. Dance is good for children’s heart, lungs, and bones. It’s a fun way to stay active while increasing your strength, stamina, and flexibility. In addition, dancing encourages good posture, body awareness and control that will benefit the students in a greater way.


We conduct gardening session for our children’s since they are naturally curious, they can learn many lessons through gardening and associated activities. What child doesn’t like to play in the dirt, make mud pies, or check out the bugs and worms?