Mission & Vision

With a mission to serve the society, a socialist and educationist undertook the prime responsibility upon his shoulders to develop young minds into competent, confident and responsible adults of tomorrow and established the SM Education Society, at an era when education was far at bay. Understanding the depth of knowledge, late Dr. Nazir Ahmed imprinted the vision ‘Knowledge is Power’ in each young mind and heart.

Since its birth in 1965, the SM Education Society has successfully and skillfully spread its branches in various parts of the city.

SM Education Society will aspire to carry a reputation for consistently producing citizens whose urge for excellence will help them achieve their goals and go beyond. To provide school education that ensures academic excellence, empowers students and arms them with faculties that will help them conquer their dreams.

  • Learning is best guided with love and faith in each child.
  • Learning is meaningful when it is supported by thoughtfulness towards the learner and the environment.
  • Learning is enduring when it believes in change and new possibilities.
  • Learning begins with the self, followed by building relationships with nature and society.
  • The vision of the school is to create and nurture a learning culture with students, teachers and parents.
  • We invite you to be part of this journey – by learning with us, by contributing in thought and spirit, and by sharing your learning experiences.